Since 2000, Poste 9 has conceived a subway station, parks, gardens, museum scenographies, light fixtures, fashion shows, in addition to all the Balenciage  spaces in collaboration with  Nicolas Ghesquière from 2002 to 2012.

Poste 9 :  Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster -  visual artist, Martial Vieille also called Galfione - architect and designer and Benoit Lalloz - light designer (2000 / 2015) conceive interiors, exteriors, scenographies and all sorts of attractions.

Poste 9 explores space, fiction, time, landcape, colour through innovative research and investigations that straddle different fields.

The photographs were taken by Grégoire Vieille and Hélène Chapeau,  as well as by Stefan Altenburger (Black Hole), Marc Domage (Cosmodrome), Andrea Rossetti (Exotourisme, La Décennie)

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Iconography and translation by Tristan Bera and Constance Chambers-Farah.